August 25, 2005

to Richard Younger-Ross MP

I have decided to follow Tim Worstall's advice and send a letter to my MP about Hussein Nasseri. This case makes a travasty of our asylum laws.
Dear Richard Younger-Ross,

The telegraph has brought to my attention the case of a gay man from Iran, Hussein Nasseri, refused asylum in the UK. I am not writing to ask for any aid in Mr Nasseri’s case. What you could have done for him is no longer applicable as he is dead. He killed himself in a car park in Eastbourne obviously preferring a quiet death by his own hand than a public execution in Iran.

The British Government was going to deport him to face almost certain death in Iran. Isn’t this exactly what has been made illegal under the European Human Rights Convention and our own Human Rights Act? Isn’t the exactly why the British tax payer has had to maintain people that want to destroy British society because we cannot deport them, a necessary evil simply so that cases like that of Mr Nasseri cannot happen? So why did it happen? As civilised society we have a duty to help the Mr Nasseris of this world, to give them shelter from persecution, so how could this happen, and what is Parliament going to do to stop it happening again.


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